“Transformational leadership occurs when leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality.”
James Macgregor Burns (Leadership, 1978)

If your business wants to change its culture, then your leadership teams need to do things differently. High-performing executive teams are crucial to the success and wellbeing of your organisation. Their behaviour is the key to maintaining – or changing – the way that people think, feel, and act.

We typically work with clients on leadership team development before, after, and during periods of significant change, such as restructures, doing ‘more with less’, or reshaping an organisation after notable growth or decline.

Our expertise as psychologists means that we can work more deeply than most team development programs allow. With our knowledge of social and group psychology, our programs address the underlying issues affecting performance rather than just the symptoms. As a result, we help your business build sophisticated, insightful, and sustainably high-performing leadership teams.

Team Development and Troubleshooting

For a leadership team experiencing dysfunction or crisis, our business psychologists have the skills and experience in counselling and group dynamics to minimise damage quickly and start the process of repair. People can only ‘unfreeze’ and change their behaviour when they feel safe and motivated to do so. Our priority is therefore to create an atmosphere where they can feel resourceful again and start moving towards solutions.

Wherever possible, we work with the team structure and roles intact to help the group to diagnose and resolve the issues at play. Our approach results in stronger and more sustainable outcomes, positioning the team to deal better with any future issues. We usually provide special support, coaching, and guidance to the team’s leader as the linchpin of the team’s ongoing success.

Our notable recent team development and troubleshooting work includes:

  • Crisis facilitation for a team in conflict at a major federal government department
  • Diagnosis and intervention of leadership culture issues with a function GM and her leadership team at a major financial services business.

High-Performing Team Programs

Our approach to developing high-performing leadership teams focuses on building collective insight and skills to manage the deeper psychological issues at play in group dynamics. Examples are the way in which authority and power are used in the team, the formal and informal roles that team members play, and how the group manages its own change and conflict processes.

Our experienced psychologists create a challenging, but safe and collaborative atmosphere to support team development and change. Our programs are largely experiential, interactive, and designed to be directly relevant to the leadership team’s real-life interactions and work.

We carefully tailor our content to your team’s development needs. Programs typically comprise three days of group work over a six- to twelve-month period. In line with evidence-based best-practice, we also coach each member of the leadership team between the group sessions to embed new skills and desired behavioural changes more effectively.

Our notable recent high-performing team development work includes:

  • Offsite sessions and a follow-up coaching program for Australian marketing executives at a global pharmaceutical company
  • Team development program for the executive team of a global not-for-profit after a significant restructure and team changes.