“Differing circumstances and differing personal backgrounds can produce a successful leader in one situation yet be ineffective in another.”
Ralph Stogdill (Personal Factors Associated with Leadership, 1948)

Our leadership assessments provide invaluable insights and advice to boards, CEOs, and senior executives facing critical leadership decisions for their business. Building a team to tackle a new strategy, choosing a key successor, or selecting amongst candidates following a restructure, merger, or acquisition are all pivotal moments. When they need someone with the right leadership competencies to succeed, our clients trust us to provide them with the comfort and confidence to act decisively.

Our senior business psychologists have the deep expertise, experience, and credibility to conduct rigorous psychological assessments with executive leaders. The psychometric assessment tools and interviewing methods we use for predicting performance are built on a strong evidence base and have been continually refined over 30 years of practice.

Based on our proprietary capability framework or tailored to your own, our psychologists write leadership assessment reports that are thorough, incisive, and clearly interpretable.

Psychological Assessment for Leadership Selection

Each leadership selection assessment begins with clearly defining the leadership competencies required for success in the role. We conduct thorough briefings with the hiring manager as well as with senior HR and other relevant stakeholders. The psychological assessment itself usually takes a full day for senior executives. The day comprises psychometric assessments and extensive interviews and may also involve activities assessing communication, influencing, and leadership skills.

For successful candidates, our post-hire program helps to optimise and develop their performance from day one on the job. The six-month program closely involves the hiring manager and includes assessment feedback followed by development planning and executive coaching sessions.

Our notable recent leadership assessment work includes:

  • Helping a general manager build a team of 7 global business heads after significant restructure in an ASX10 organisation.
  • Expanding the Asia leadership team across locations in Singapore, HK, and China for an ASX10 organisation.

Psychological Assessment for Executive Development

High-performing and high-potential executives want to understand what they need to do to achieve their professional and career goals in a competitive environment. Leadership assessment is the ideal first step for an executive on a development path. The leader can benchmark their abilities against high-performing peers, discover expert perspectives on their strengths and development needs, and focus resources on developing the competencies that will make the most difference to them and their careers.

For more information, see our solutions relating to Leadership Development.

Our notable recent leadership assessment work includes:

  • Designing development assessment programs to transition successors into CEO positions in two mid-sized corporations over a period of one to two years
  • Development assessment programs to support transition into general manager or C-suite roles in an ASX10 organisation.