“Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group to achieve a common goal.”
Peter Northouse (Leadership: Theory & Practice, 2013)

Every leader benefits from investment in a leadership development program and executive coaching at some point in their career. However, studies show that a vast proportion of leadership development spend is wasted. Participants often feel the lack of relevance of programs to their real world of business and have difficulty applying on-the-job what they have learnt. A simple online search already reveals everything a leader needs to know about leadership theory. Our tailored leadership development programs focus instead on the psychology of leadership and how individuals can most successfully adapt their own business, people, and culture for success.

We work with established executives wanting to fine-tune their skills and style at the top as well as with leaders taking on new or increased leadership responsibilities. Significant career transitions require not only leadership skill and experience, but also changes in mindset and behaviour. As psychologists, we have the rigorous training, expertise, and evidence-based leadership development programs to create and support successful change.

Leadership Development Programs

Our leadership development programs are conducted one-on-one or in small teams or groups by an experienced business psychologist. The programs typically stretch over six months or more and include a series of structured sessions to introduce our unique combination of models, tools, and techniques in an applied, experiential way. Leaders learn from us about how they can better use role mindset, authority, and assertiveness to influence their own and others’ behaviour. They also learn how to create more consciously a workplace culture that serves their business needs.

Research shows that coaching between and after development sessions results in increased behaviour change. For this reason, all of our leadership programs incorporate one-on-one coaching with a psychologist. In this way, our work with leaders quickly enables them to develop practical new insights and behaviours, and feel comfortable using them. They often notice changes in thinking and performance immediately. For your organisation, our programs help to fast-track leaders’ performance in their role and inform future career development opportunities and succession planning decisions.

Our notable recent leadership development work includes:

  • Leadership development and executive coaching programs with general manager aspirants in an ASX10 organisation.
  • Individual leadership development programs for each member of the ‘C-suite’ team in a major state government department

Executive Coaching

Every leader who comes for executive coaching has a unique set of needs and aims. So, we listen first and carefully tailor our approach accordingly. Unlike most coaches, our psychological training and experience enable us to work with the ‘whole’ person and the combination of personal and professional content they bring to their coaching sessions.

Executives usually want most of all to build resilience, executive presence, their personal ‘brand’, and to become more transformational and inspirational leaders. Fine-tuning these skills becomes increasingly important as leaders rise through an organisation. Sustained personal change requires thoughtful and meaningful work. Our methodology is a blend of coaching, counselling, and educational techniques that draws on theory from psychology, sociology, and business, as well as on many years of practical experience. We do not impose contracts with a minimum number of coaching sessions. Some executive coaching engagements are short-lived, very targeted, and intensively regular. Others are longer-standing, less regular, and focused on maintenance or gradual and subtle development.

Our notable recent executive coaching work includes:

  • Executive coaching of the CEO of a ASX50 organisation
  • Leadership development and executive coaching programs with the Asia leadership group of an ASX10 organisation