“The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture.”
Edgar Schein (Organizational Culture and Leadership, 2010)

Our culture+plan framework and programs provide a structured, scientific way for leaders to design and pursue the desired culture for their organisation. As Business and Organisational Psychologists, we understand the science of successful culture change and we have the skills and experience to help you transform your business.

Organisational Culture Transformation Program for Executive Leaders

18-Month Intensive Program

Our Culture Transformation program for organisations enables your executive leaders to change your culture sustainably and on purpose. Over an 18-month period, we enable your leaders and HR to guide your organisation through the crucial initial stages of changing your culture for the better.

This all-encompassing program involves working with our senior Organisational and Business Psychologists using our evidence-based culture+plan framework and tools to:

  • Plan your culture objectively and link it to your strategy
  • Compare your ideal and current culture scientifically
  • Prioritise and target culture changes to increase performance, engagement, safety etc
  • Measure the change-readiness and change competencies of your leaders and organisation
  • Develop leaders’ skills with our Changing Self, Changing Others, and Changing Culture development modules
  • Coach executive leaders and leadership teams on how to lead and maintain your ideal culture
  • Guide your HR on aligning organisational systems and process to the ideal culture

Our Culture Transformation programs are highly structured but tailored to your organisation so, each program is different. Schedule an appointment now for one of our Psychologists to call you.

Changing Culture Program for Leaders and Leadership Teams

6 x 2-hour Sessions

If your organisation wants to change its culture, the change needs to start at the top. Leaders have the most influence on how culture change happens because they have the power to define the strategy and ideal culture – and the resources to incentivise people to change.

Our Changing Culture programs help your leaders and leadership teams identify and solve real problems as they start to change your organisation’s culture. In 6, 2-hour sessions of action learning, your leaders will increase their knowledge and skills for creating sustainable culture change.

Your leaders and leadership teams will work with our experienced Business and Organisational Psychologists and use our evidence-based culture+plan framework and tools to:

  • Understand and discuss your organisational culture in a clear and user-friendly way
  • Identify ideal and current elements of culture in your organisation
  • Learn how to change culture by aligning beliefs, systems, and behaviours with strategy
  • Choose and embed the leadership behaviours that will create your ideal culture

Our Changing Culture programs are tailored to support your organisation wherever you are on your culture change journey. Schedule an appointment now for one of our Psychologists to call you.

Culture Primer Sessions for Leaders and HR

1 – 2-hour Session

To make meaningful, directional change to your organisational culture you first need an evidence-based way of understanding of what culture is (and isn’t) and how leaders can change it.

A Culture Primer session for leaders and HR is an ideal introduction to thinking about your organisational culture in a structured and purposeful way. In an interactive session of 1 – 2 hours, your leaders will work with a senior Business or Organisational Psychologist and use our evidence-based culture+plan framework to:

  • Define culture and recognise how yours has formed and changed over time
  • Understand and discuss your organisational culture in a user-friendly way
  • Identify the key leadership behaviours that maintain or change culture in your organisation

Our Culture Primer session is ideal for leadership team off-sites or development sessions and is tailored to suit your participants. Schedule an appointment now for one of our Psychologists to call you.