“The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture.”
Edgar Schein (Organizational Culture and Leadership, 2010)

Shaping organisational culture and leadership capability for the future is one of the most important things that organisations do. As Business Psychologists, we understand the science behind successful culture change. We have the skills and experience to help you transform your business.

All organisations are somewhere on a journey of culture change at any point in time. Our culture change programs are often chosen by clients embarking on significant change, needing ‘troubleshooting’ to resolve performance or conflict issues, or targeting employee engagement issues such as high turnover or ‘presenteeism’.

During our thirty years’ experience, we have developed simple, powerful methods that help your leaders define quickly the organisational culture they need to achieve their business goals. We then help them design sophisticated and user-friendly frameworks to support culture change programs. These include leadership capability frameworks, selection and development assessment frameworks, and the design and delivery of their ‘Leadership Academy’ programs.

Organisational Culture Change Programs

Our organisational culture change programs are underpinned by the philosophy that your people are best-positioned to diagnose and solve problems – but that they might need some objective help. Thirty years’ experience and evidence from research have shown us that change developed and implemented by our clients is more likely to be accepted and embedded than change transplanted from other organisations’ best practices or imposed by external consultancies.

Of course, we provide you with expert advice about the theory and practice of human and organisational behaviour. An important aspect of our work focuses on helping you identify decisions that can be considered to be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. However, most of our culture change work involves more of a ‘coaching’ style with your leaders and executive teams to help them define what and how your organisations need to change.

We use a planned program of models, mini-workshops, and interactive sessions that help leaders focus on business strategy and problem-solving as the basis for culture change. We help them identify the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of their culture they need to strengthen, remove, or add. In this way, we give your organisation new skills and tools to see and solve culture problems. We also help you to achieve greater autonomy in designing and implementing future culture change.

Our notable recent organisational culture change work includes:

  • Culture change sessions with the transformation and leadership teams for the Australasian arm of a global manufacturing and distribution firm.
  • Culture and values framework design with the partners of a national creative industry firm.

Leadership Capability Frameworks

Leadership behaviour is the single biggest influence on organisational culture. If your organisation wants to change its culture, the change needs to start at the top. Leaders and their HR partners need to have clear, simple, and usable frameworks against which they can define and evaluate ideal leadership behaviour and performance.

While well-intentioned, many leadership capability frameworks are too convoluted and unwieldy for most leaders to use. We help you adapt our own simple proprietary capability framework for your business, or we work with you to develop your own tailor-made framework. Our deep expertise in the fields of leadership, assessment, and executive development means we can integrate and simplify these core frameworks to make them highly user-friendly – and used – by leaders.

Our notable recent leadership capability framework assignments include:

  • Designing and building a selection assessment and reporting framework to work with the leadership capability framework that we also updated for an ASX20 firm’s international business.
  • Using our own research and leadership frameworks as the basis for the design, selection, and development of leadership competencies in a large, fast-growing financial services company in the Middle East.