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Hi Peter,
Welcome to your Assessment.

It will take approximately four – five hours to complete all of the tests and questionnaires in one session:
3 x Cognitive ability assessments
4 x Personality questionnaires

Your results on these tests are important because they do influence conclusions made in the assessment report about your suitability for the role. Therefore, our Inspirational Workplaces consultant will help to ensure that you are working under ‘test conditions’:

• you will have a private, quiet workspace with a reliable internet connection to work in
• you will complete each test or questionnaire in one sitting
• you will not be interrupted during the test by other people.

Please ensure you are not interrupted during the tests by your telephone.

The consultant will take you through each of the assessments in a standardised order. Typically, you will start with the Ability Assessments first (or when you are feeling most alert). You will be given the opportunity to take short breaks between completing each test.

If you have any questions, please call us on:
Australia: +61 (02) 9223 2611
Or email your IWP consultant or our consulting team at



In this session, you will complete tests of cognitive ability. You will be given time to take short rests in between each one.

Your result on each test will be the number of items you answer correctly and there are no negative marks for incorrect answers. If you are not sure of the correct answer, make your best possible response but avoid random guessing.

Each test has its own set of instructions so please read those instructions carefully. Please complete the tests in order.

Verbal Critical Thinking

This is an untimed test

Total time required: approximately
30 – 45 minutes

Materials required: working paper, pen.
This assessment measures your ability to think critically when analysing verbal information. The test has 40 items and the browser session will time out after 2 hours.


Numerical Critical Reasoning

This is an untimed test

Total time required: 45 minutes

Materials required: calculator, working paper, pen.
Work as quickly and as accurately as you can. The test includes 15 minutes of practice followed by the 25 minute test. You will need a calculator to complete this assessment and pen and paper to do any working out.

Your user name for accessing the SHL Group Ltd system is: N.Bhattacharya42 and your password is Bhattacharya42


Abstract Reasoning

This is an untimed test

Total time required: 40 minutes

Materials required: working paper, pen.
This assessment measures your perception and clarity of thinking. The assessment has a maximum time limit of 40 minutes for 25 items.