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Case Study: Culture Change

Culture Change for the Leadership Team at a Pharmaceutical Company

How we helped create culture change for the Leadership Team and across the organisation

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The new, first-time CEO was leading the business on a more expansive and growth-oriented trajectory after several years of cost-cutting. People – including those in the leadership team – needed reinvigoration. The culture also needed to change for the organisation to be successful.

Client Objectives

  • To define and implement the desired culture change for the leadership team and the organisation to align with the change in strategy
  • For the new CEO to have an objective coach for her change leadership skills and approach to culture change for the leadership team.


We coached the CEO to design and articulate the culture she wanted to create. We met weekly at first before changing to fortnightly and ultimately monthly sessions. These sessions were part coaching and part consulting for the CEO. They provided her with advice and support as she adjusted to her new role and started shaping her agenda for change.

We met five times with the leadership team over 18 months. First, we gave them activities that helped them articulate their current culture and how it had been formed and maintained over time. Then we helped them identify which aspects of their culture they wanted to keep or change to achieve their new strategy. The desired culture was translated into key leadership behaviours. Then each leadership team member received coaching to help them make individual changes accordingly.


The CEO’s comfort and confidence in working with her new team improved quickly. She made changes to the team’s meetings and structure that modelled her desired culture. The team developed a shared understanding of how their culture was working in some ways, but not in others. The process helped the longer-tenured members of the team let go of some aspects of culture that, while familiar, were no longer in their or the company’s best interests. The team and the organisation achieved significant product listing and growth goals in the subsequent year. The CEO viewed the organisational turnaround as mostly completed soon thereafter.