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Case Study: Leadership Development

Change Leadership Skills for 100 Leaders

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The Client

A large Australian-based company with strong retail brand recognition.

Client Objectives

To help a cohort of 100 leaders keep themselves and others resourceful and productive during a time of significant change and unavoidable ambiguity related to a merger and associated restructuring.


Over a 6-month period, our Organisational and Business Psychologists worked with the leaders in small groups of 5 – 8 people to help them identify and develop the change leadership skills that would be most important for success. The sessions were reflective, small-group coaching discussions using our Change Leadership Readiness Questionnaire to quantify which skills the leaders needed and our Change Leader Coaching tools to structure the sessions.


The leaders were more confident and felt more supported by the organisation and by each other. Morale and performance improved across the focal business as leaders had learned practical techniques for staying positive in the face of ambiguity – and helping their teams do the same.