About Us

Our vision is for every workplace to be inspirational.

At Inspirational Workplaces, we work with C-Suite and GM-level executives to change leadership and culture in their organisations.

We differentiate ourselves by only employing Business and Organisational Psychologists to work with our clients. We believe that Psychologists uniquely have the depth and breadth of training to provide developmental experiences for people that are evidenced-based, genuinely transformational, and commercially astute.

We typically work with organisations before, after, and during periods of significant change: restructures, doing more with less, or reshaping an organisation after notable growth or decline. Our psychological expertise allows us to work deeply on the real issues and to help build sophisticated, insightful, and sustainably high-performing organisations and leaders.



Everything we do is designed with people’s wellbeing, performance, and potential in mind.


Organisational Psychologists are uniquely trained and experienced in the science of predicting and changing people’s performance



Our astute pragmatism translates to trusted advice for senior leaders about their people and culture.


We translate complex issues into easy to understand language and techniques for leaders to use.